Gateway: Salient features

Salient features:

  • Provides ample opportunity to develop correct pronunciation, stress and intonation and conversational skills
  • Includes listening and speaking activities that aim at developing learner’s fluency in basic interpersonal communications and higher level academic engagements
  • Contains a variety of innovative exercises including MCQs, crosswords, puzzles, vocabulary webs etc.
  • Develops writing skill in learners through stages such as brain-storming, organizing ideas, preparing the first draft and final draft after self and peer editing
  • Helps learners acquire skills of data collection, interviewing, analysing and presenting information systematically and effectively
  • Draws on a wide range of materials, e.g., fairy tales, adventure stories, stories from Indian mythology and other cultures; stories having social themes, poems and short plays, reports, interviews, biographies, travelogues, etc.
  • Follows a learner–centred approach both in content and approach
  • Attempts to teach grammar through authentic and real–life situations
  • Provides lucid and concise definitions of grammatical terms
  • Gives practice in developing dictionary skills
  • Includes Teacher’s Book that provides suggested answers for the benefit of teachers/parents to guide the learner
  • Has a variety of activities/tasks for formative and summative assessment