Gateway: Introduction

The Gateway series has been designed to facilitate learning of the communicative and linguistic skills in English for learners of classes 1-8.

For Classes 1 and 2, there is a Main Course Book and a Workbook each, while, from Class 3 onwards, every class has a the Main Course Book, the  Workbook and the Literature Reader. Each of these books is accompanied by the Teacher’s Book.

Main Course Book

Each unit in the Main Course Book (MCB) has the following sections:

Getting Ready

It has a few pre-reading questions that raise the learners’ interest in the text that follows. These questions may centre around the title or some picture that may be central to the text.


The text used for reading deals with socially and culturally relevant topics which offer interesting and rich reading experiences to the learners. The reading texts include stories, folk tales, plays and poems which can be easily understood and enjoyed by the target learners.

Word Meanings

New words introduced in the lesson are listed in this section so that the learners can recognise, understand and use them.


It has a wide range of questions (including MCQs) which make the learners get to the main ideas,  other details and organisation of the text and think critically and beyond the unit.


These exercises help the learners to understand the meanings of new words, find their synonyms and antonyms and use them in sentences of their own. They also expand the learners’ vocabulary range by doing matching exercises, crossword puzzles, etc.


An effort has been made to teach grammar in context. It covers most of the important grammatical structures.

Writing Skill

Writing Skill exercises help the learners to respond to a given topic, organise their thoughts and prepare a draft and the final version of their written material. At the end of the course, they learn to write descriptive, narrative and imaginative compositions.

Listening and Speaking

Aims at developing fluency in communication through various tasks and activities that engage students in meaningful communication. It offers students opportunities to listen to biographical accounts of important persons, descriptions of events and places and makes them perform tasks that encourage them to listen carefully and retrieve information accurately.

Pronunciation & Spelling

It helps children to learn say and spell the words correctly.

Activity/Project Work/Follow Up

The Project Work/Follow Up activities develop the learners’ skills of data collection, interviewing, analysing and presenting information systematically and effectively.


Workbooks for all classes will reinforce the grammatical points taught in the MCB and supplement the areas that could not be given enough attention due to paucity of space.

Literature Reader

Literature Readers have been designed for classes 3-8. They have a wide range of materials – fairy tales, adventure stories, stories from Indian mythology, stories from other countries, stories having social themes, poems and short plays. The encourage the learner to have a wide and extensive reading.

Teachers Book

The Teacher’s Book gives suggested answers for the open-ended questions and most acceptable answers for the objective type questions.

A care has been taken to include activities/tasks that can be used both for summative and formative assessment.